Keep tabs on the Starfleet Corps of Engineers' Chicago unit as we carve through
either a mammoth light-up kit, or a tiny armada of those beautiful starships... ahhh, fleet...

Enterprise Interiors and Construction

Enterprise Completion

The Fleet, Fall 05

Work on Additions to the Fleet, Jan 06

Fleet Work, Feb 5th 06

Re-Arranged the Fleet, Completed USS Hood and USS Soverign and nearly
completed Ambassador Class.

More Re-Arrangements, got the DS9 kit and primed it black,
put one of the Runabouts in the Shuttle Bay of the Enterprise-E.

Added detail to the Romulan Warbirds, the 1/350 Enterprise-A took a dive off a shelf,
and a few additions/modifications to the fleet as well as decals
for the Constitution class Defiant.

Enterprise A rebuild completion

Completing construction and spraying of Akira and Steamrunner class ships..
Also started another TOS/TMP/TNG Enterprise set.  We also began our most
ambitious project yet, a 1/2500 Borg Cube!

More Borg Cube work...Tore apart a printer to get some nice parts.
We also finished spraying all of the new Federation ships.

An update of the Klingon fleet!

Yet more Borg pictures

How about some more Borg?  And some new developments in the fleet!

We can keep working on the Borg forever...

Large fleet and Borg update!

December update

Borg Cube Completion!  Shelf re-spray!

Resuming work on the DS9...Drilled a LOT of windows.
Also made the Borg Sphere look awesome.

A lot of soldering and fibering later, the outer ring of the DS9
is finally done!

Major Progress!  The lower pylons are on and most of the lights are operational!

Deep Space Nine construction is completed.  Only minor details, amber shots,
and paint are left!

Deep Space Nine is nearly complete!  Watch for more fleet action soon.

June Fleet update and DS9 touch-ups.

End of summer progress report!